April 9, 2022

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February 3, 2021

Volantis Properties

"I was in the process of acquiring a new property for our investment group in Manor Texas, and the inspector who i have worked with several times, found foundation problems. He recommended Clint to give a professional opinion. Long story short, Clint inspect it and give us an fair estimate to fix the foundation, as well as explaining what needs to be done, how the process works, and what extra things could go wrong. One corner was 2" below the rest of the house. After closing on the property, Clint got hire to fix the foundation. The fix got done, and honestly, i was expecting a bit more things to break during the leveling based on some other friends experiences. At the end was only a few minor cracks in the drywall. I was present during the leveling process, and looks like this team has worked as a team for a long time; very good coordination and Clint was very good at explaining to me what was going on. Was a really good education for me. If i have any foundation problem in another property in the future, totally would hire Clint again."
February 3, 2021

Glen Burton

"As a Licensed Professional Inspector, TREC 6512, I can say with confidence I trust Clint to give the most expert advice available when it comes to foundation issues. As a Structural Engineer Clint has a more educated view of the foundation elevation readings and what they really mean. Understanding that foundation remediation is tough on any foundation Clint's Engineering background can determine if it is worthy of remediation or just leave it alone? I have seen foundations out of level as much as 5" that the Engineer recommended leaving alone, more than just a few. Therefore it is important to have a professional determine if your foundation actually needs remediation? We trust Clint and feel you can confidently do so likewise. We highly recommend Lake Engineers."
February 3, 2021

"Clint Butts, from Lake Engineers, has always been great to work with. He has helped several of my clients make educated decisions about the foundation of the homes they were considering purchasing. I have appreciated that his recommendation is NOT always to do work on the foundation. If there is another solution, he will suggest it. He has also done foundation work for family and clients. They have been very satisfied with the work of his crews and the prices are fair."
February 3, 2021

Sam Soletti

"Very responsive to a request to review a homes foundation readings and have a quick and fair estimate on the work to level it. I’m pretty positive my client will use him for the repair. It’s nice to call someone and they answer and are able to answer questions. Refreshing after leaving message after message for engineers and then I found Clint. Glad to have another resource in the industry for foundation opinions and repairs."
February 3, 2021

Jason Brock

"Lake Engineers showed up to give us a realistic picture of what was happening with our foundation after a buyer's realtor recommended home inspector found that our foundation had settled. After a foundation company recommended more than $16,000 in repairs to level our foundation, Clint from Lake Engineers took measurements and found that we were WELL within accepted tolerances. And that we would be better off spending our money on a gutter system to prevent erosion. If we had followed the recommendation of the foundation company we would've damaged our yard, driveway, and garage to correct something that isn't bad enough to be considered a problem. Lake Engineers took the time to do it right. They educated us (and the buyer) on tolerance standards, what was happening, and why. They saved us thousands and thousands of dollars and I am extremely grateful."