Concrete Slab Repair in Austin, TX

Over time, concrete slabs are prone to cracks and shifting, due to their size, weight and the tendency of less-dense earth beneath them to shift and sink. The signs of a shifting, sinking or cracking concrete slab are easy to spot, and Lake Engineers and Constructors, Inc. can help you not only identify them, but also qualify the scope of the damage. Our goal is simple: understand the problem and provide the very best slab leak repair in Austin, Round Rock, and San Marcos, TX.

No-Charge Site Visits

When you give us a call about concrete slab repair, we’ll schedule a site visit and, if needed, propose a repair solution for your home or building at no charge. If engineering reports are required for insurance, mortgage or other purposes, most reports are normally charged at $350. We aim to make sure you have all the information you need to act accordingly.

In addition to site visits for slab damage, we’re also available for on-site visits for foundation design and construction supervision for new buildings and additions. We strive to lend support from an engineering standpoint, to improve the outcomes and success of your project.

Pier Insertion

Once the holes have been excavated, we’ll begin the process of pier insertion. This causes a series of minor jolts to the house, as the stabilizing piers are put into place. During this phase, it’s important to protect fragile items such as wall hangings, china and other items that could become dislodged or move during the process. When interior pier placement is necessary, special preparation and storage of the homeowner’s belongings are required.

Concrete Slab Repair

We’re well-versed in all types of concrete slab repair. From major cracks and sinking to shearing and general damage, our team will come out, survey the damage and provide a scope of work for how to get it fixed right. Our goal isn’t just to erase the damage—it’s to engineer solutions that prevent it from happening again.

Slab Leak Repair

Slab leaks can cause big problems and will further compromise the integrity of concrete if left unresolved. We’re familiar with the types of slab leaks common to Austin, TX homes and will make sure to resolve the problem through slab leak repair from both a concrete standpoint and a water intrusion standpoint.

Call us for Slab Repairs

Lake Engineers and Constructors, Inc. brings you not only foundation and concrete slab repair expertise, but an engineering background that ensures a lasting solution designed for dependability. Contact us today at 512-292-1830 to schedule a no-cost site visit for an estimate on slab leak repair, pier and beam foundation repair, foundation inspections, and more.