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Established in 1999, Lake Engineers and Constructors, Inc. is a foundation engineer based in Austin, TX. We specialize in foundation repairs and structural foundation inspections, and can produce HUD certification engineering letters. With over 20 years of experience, we take pride in providing professional engineering services and foundation crack repair at affordable prices, alongside expertise that keeps you informed while we’re working on your home.

Manufactured Home Inspections

To protect yourself and your investment an inspection is necessary. Manufactured homes are built differently than site-built homes and therefore create unique issues that are hidden from the eye of the typical homeowner. Upon completion, we write a certification letter acknowledging your manufactured home has been inspected. Call today to make sure your home meets all FHA requirements.

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Solving Foundation Problems, One Home at a Time

Every home needs to be built atop a strong foundation. Unfortunately, time, weathering and geological instability have other plans. It’s not uncommon for homes to develop cracks and sinking where the earth shifts beneath the foundation—or worse, shearing and other severe damage. When these problems arise, you need to work with a foundation contractor who can resolve them accordingly. In Austin, TX, that means calling Lake Engineers and Constructors, Inc.

When it comes to foundations, our foundation contractors have seen it all and solved it all. We’re the only foundation contractor in the area that has an engineer on staff and approaches foundation crack repairs not only from a structural standpoint, but from an engineering one, as well. We provide concrete repair solutions that are effective over the long-term—from simple leak and slab work to pier and beam installation that re-levels your home and prevents further shifting and shearing.

Put Our Experience To Work

Foundation problems come with big headaches. Lake Engineers and Constructors, Inc. is here to help make sure those headaches are resolved quickly and correctly, so you can continue living in the house you love with peace of mind. Let us put our engineering experience to work for you, to provide foundation solutions that are certifiable and safe.

  • We offer no-charge site visits by an engineer within 24 hours of your call.
  • Our work is backed by a lifetime transferrable warranty, for total peace of mind.
  • Our abilities include engineering reports and design plans from a foundation inspector.
  • We’re registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and maintain an A-plus rating.
  • We respect your property and leave every jobsite looking better than when we found it.

The Four Phases of Foundation Repair

Foundation repair occurs in four phases. Our foundation contractors and engineers remain available during all phases, to oversee their success and to answer any questions that may arise. The process can be jarring for many owners who aren’t sure of what to expect, which is why we take the time to educate you every step of the way.

The Excavation Phase

This phase involves digging holes for the piers. It is important to distinguish between the exterior holes that originate outside and interior penetrations that originate inside. Interior pier placement will be determined by a professional engineer and documented on an authentic proposal for the homeowner.

The Pier Insertion Phase

This phase causes a series of minor jolts to the house, so it’s important to protect fragile items such as wall hangings, china and other items that could move during the process.

The Leveling Phase

This phase is relatively brief and requires access to the interior of the house for measurements. It is also the phase in which existing cracks may close up and jammed doors and windows become operable.

The Clean-Up Phase

This phase follows final leveling. Soil is replaced and compacted, and graded concrete penetrations are repaired. Soil is mounded over the excavations so that natural settling will bring them to grade level over time. Excess soil will be distributed or hauled away.

Foundation Issues? We’ll Fix Them!

Foundation issues, no matter how simple or severe, need to be repaired as soon as possible. Contact us to assess the scope of the problem and get a solution that puts you back on solid ground. Proudly offering foundation repairs to the following areas: Austin, TX | Manchaca, TX | Sunset Valley, TX | West Lake Hills, TX | Bluff Springs, TX | Bear Creek, TX | Cedar Valley, TX | Lost Creek, TX | Rollingwood, TX | San Marcos, TX | Round Rock, TX