Structural Inspection in Austin, TX

Many contractors are content to repair the surface damages to a foundation. But, to prevent these issues from coming back, it’s important to get a foundation inspection from someone who knows how to spot and address the underlying causes of common problems. At Lake Engineers and Constructors, Inc., we make sure you’re getting a full structural inspection from an engineer in Austin, TX who knows exactly what to look for.

If engineering reports are required for insurance, mortgage or other purposes, most reports are normally charged at $350. Our foundation inspectors aim to make sure you have all the information you need to act accordingly.

Learn Why Foundations Fail

Foundations stress is most often caused by loss of soil bearing strength beneath the slab or piers. It’s most often associated with wet and dry cycles, which result from weather, drainage, plumbing leaks and over- and/or under-watering. These problems can be alleviated by fixing plumbing leaks and improving drainage and watering patterns.

Sometimes the problem has advanced to a point where new support is recommended to relieve the stress and to level and return the foundation to its original position. Our foundation inspectors take the time to explain the situation to you and design the most cost-effective solution after their foundation inspection, to protect the integrity and value of your home or building.

Signs to Watch For

Stress caused by loss of soil bearing strength will cause the foundation to bend and flex. Visible indicators are cracks which may appear in sheetrock, flooring and masonry. The width and horizontal and vertical displacement at the crack are clues to the severity of the stress on the foundation. Sticking windows and doors are another useful indicator of movement.

  • Brick leaning away from garage doors
  • Cracks in sheetrock on walls and ceiling
  • Cracks in the brickwork
  • Doors and windows that drag or stick
  • Fireplace leaning away from house
  • Floors out of level or cracked
  • Gaps between brickwork and doors and windows
  • Gaps between ceiling and walls or floors and walls
  • Nails that are backing out of the sheetrock
  • Sagging roofline

What’s the Next Step?

If you’ve observed signs of a potential foundation problem or if you’re considering a purchase and your foundation inspector has raised questions about structural matters, give us a call. We’ll gladly schedule a site visit with you to answer questions, alleviate unnecessary concerns and address the foundation from an engineering perspective to get you structural foundation repairs.

Manufactured Home Inspections

Manufactured homes are built differently than site-built homes and therefore create unique issues that are hidden from the eye of the typical homeowner. Upon completion, we write a certification letter acknowledging your manufactured home has been inspected and meets FHA requirements.

Get a Structural Inspection

Lake Engineers and Constructors, Inc. knows exactly what to look for when it comes to foundational issues and their symptoms. Contact us today at 512-292-1830 to schedule a foundation inspection and to get answers that inform the best course of action for structural foundation repairs, beam foundation repairs, or slab leak repair in Austin, Round Rock, or San Marcos, TX.