Pier and Beam Foundation Repair in Austin, TX

For severe foundation shifting and instability, the solution is pier and beam foundation repair. Lake Engineers and Constructors, Inc. is uniquely qualified to provide this type of foundation repair to Austin, Round Rock, and San Marcos, TX homes, and we’re the only area company with an engineer on-staff to ensure our approach is the best one.

Pier and beam foundation repair is an invasive, yet sustainable solution to foundation instability and the best long-term answer to foundation issues. Due to the complex and disruptive nature of a pier and beam repair, we make ourselves available to you to answer any questions and to keep you apprised of the situation. Our approach is to keep you fully informed and to minimize inconveniences during the repair process.


Excavation involves digging holes for the piers. Excavated dirt is stored on plastic sheathing and excavations are marked with caution tape or covered. During this phase, we can educate you on the interior and exterior work involved in pier and beam foundation repair.

Pier placement will be determined by a professional engineer and documented in a formal proposal for the homeowner.


This phase of the process is relatively brief and requires access to the interior of the house for measurements. It could also result in a series of minor jolts as the home is leveled accordingly. This is also the phase during which damage may occur to walls, ceilings, masonry and plumbing, although we will strive to mitigate this through more delicate adjustments. It’s also the phase in which existing cracks may close up and jammed doors and windows become operable.


Clean-up follows the final leveling. Soil is replaced and compacted, and graded concrete penetrations are repaired. Soil is mounded over the excavations so that natural settling will bring them to grade level over time. Excess soil will be distributed or hauled away.

Find True Level in Your Foundation

The pier and beam repair process may be invasive and expensive, but it’s far and away the most effective, most sustainable solution to persistent foundation shifting and the issues that come with it. To learn more about beam repair, concrete slab repair, or structural inspection, contact Lake Engineers and Constructors, Inc. today at 512-292-1830.

The owner is responsible for removing and caring for shrubs near the foundation and for providing water and electricity during the repair. We will remove and replant shrubs left near the foundation, but cannot assume responsibility for their survival.